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We all have one thing in common: 24 hours


Today let’s talk about TIME
The one thing we all have in common, 24 hours in a day. I’ve attached a schedule template and an example at the bottom of the page for your reference to make the best use of your time. I learned this in college from our wrestling coach, and I’ve used this template for 10+ years. The basic idea is:
1) ORGANIZE your day
2) FOLLOW through with the plan you organized (means nothing if you don’t)
3) PLAN AHEAD when conflicts prevent your follow through
Notes on the schedule template example:
USE COLOR for you to see how much time you spend doing stuff.
– Make sure it’s REALISTIC: (Studying the Odyssey at 11pm on Friday is probably not a good idea).
COMMUNICATE with your spouse or coach what time is for what.
*** If you have a non traditional work schedule, it’s important to update your schedule every time it changes.