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Fight to Win Pro Sacramento featuring 2 EDH Black Belts

Fight to Win Pro 58 is coming back to Sacramento on January, 12 2018. This professional brazilian jiu jitsu and submission grappling competition is a one match grappling super fight with no points. The victor is determined by submission or referee decision. The

 From El Dorado Hills, competitor Eliot Kelly is us against Jason Butcher, a seasoned MMA competitor and title holder. Eliot, who has been competing mostly in NoGi for the submission only competitions will be making his submission only debut wearing the Gi for this bout. In his previous fight to win bout held in Sacramento, Eliot won by rear naked choke against MMA competitor Luke Stuart in the last few seconds of the bout.

Another competitor from El Dorado Hills, Aaron Martinez will be making his black belt debut and fight to win promotion debut in NoGi submission grappling. Aaron Martinez, who recently received his black belt from Master Claudio Franca in Santa Cruz, CA will be brining his mixed grappling game of wrestling and submission jiu jitsu to the mat in Sacramento.

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