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Michel Miyashita Seminar in El Dorado Hills

Michel Miyashita, will be teaching a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar in El Dorado Hills, CA on August 12th 2017.

9:00-10:00AM (age8-12) $20

10:00-NOON (age 13+) $45


The seminar will cover some of his best technical positions. Michel recently finished with a Silver medal at the San Jose IBJJF Open and will be competing in the Master World Championships in Las Vegas in several weeks. Join us for what is going to be a fun and learning event in El Dorado Hills.

Michel Miyashita Seminar Review


We hosted Michel Miyashita for a seminar on Friday at El Dorado Hills Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Professor Michel Miyashita is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and received his black belt from Marco Barbosa, leader of B9 Jiu-Jitsu Team. Professor Michel is the leader of Bushido Jiu-Jitsu in Sāo Paulo, Brazil.

The seminar included participants from several different schools including, Yemaso BJJ in Sacramento, Synergy BJJ in Rocklin, Ralph Gracie Sacramento, and students of El Dorado Hills Jiu Jitsu. Thank you everyone for your participation! We enjoy being able to share innovative talent and world class instruction to the greater Sacramento area.

The seminar by Michel had two parts, ONE: a series of attacks and finishes starting from the side control position. TWO: several different movement drills with the purpose of educating the body and training muscle memory. An important lesson we should all take from the seminar is the concept of being locked in along with the concept of making adjustments. There were a few gasps from the participants, as Michel shared different transitions into finishing holds. He also allowed everyone to film the different movement drills from the second portion of the seminar. This was quite unusual. It’s the first seminar where someone has allowed anyone to film anything without any hesitation.

Michel has spent about one month in El Dorado Hills in 2015, and has spent another month in El Dorado Hills for 2016. We really enjoy bringing the best of the best instruction to the greater Sacramento area. This is only possible with everyone’s participation. Thank you!