Aaron Martinez

In 2016, Aaron moved to El Dorado Hills from the Monterey Bay with his Wife and two daughters. We are thankful to have him sharing his jiujitsu lifestyle and experiences with us!

Aaron Martinez was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2007 by his neighbor, Black Belt Doug Livingston, who was an instructor for Claudio Franca at that time. Aaron was 30-years-old and until then his favorite hobby was lifting weights at Globo-Gyms. He was  happy to have finally found a Martial Art to practice and something that would keep him in shape. It was then that he met Claudio Franca, who told him, “Jiu-Jitsu will save your life.”

He swore he’d never compete when he began training BJJ, but Aaron quickly became an avid competitor, with competition experience all over the United States and Japan. Aaron received his black belt in December of 2017 from Claudio Franca.

As a competitor he accomplished:

Brown Belt:
– Asian Open Silver Medalist
– San Jose Open Bronze Medalist
– American Cup Bronze Medalist
Purple Belt:
– U.S. Open Champion
– Pan American Bronze Medalist
– San Francisco Open Champion
– American Cup Silver Medalist
– All-Star Champion & 2 x Bronze Medalist
Blue & White Belt:
– Nogi Nationals Absolute Bronze Medalist
– Nogi Nationals Bronze Medalist
– All-Star Champion
– San Jose Open Silver Medalist