BJJ Tour All Star Championships Results

EDH Jiu Jitsu had 4 competitors hit the mats this weekend in Santa Cruz, CA. The BJJ Tour is one of northern California’s longest running tournament organization, with the US Open as their foremost tournament.

Black belt Todd Jones dusted off his gi after taking 6 years off from competition. He finished with a Silver medal. In the finals of the the tournament he started with match with a takedown and after the score was tied from a sweep gave up an advantage to lose the decision. “It felt great getting out there and competing again. I’m getting ready for the Master’s Worlds in August so this was a great tune up!”

There were 3 kids competing this weekend as well. White belt Mateo finished with a gold after a decisive victory in the opening match. He had two more matches that day and won them both convincingly. Mate has been competing often and has managed to win gold in the last three tournaments. Gray belts Marshall and Slater both medaled as well. Marshall with a Silver and Slater with a Bronze. Both of their matches were impressionable fights, leaving the spectators with some excitement in their nail biter matches.

The All Star tournament was a great opportunity for everyone to get out of town and compete. Competition, win or lose, is a chance to see progress and growth in the athletes abilities and find areas to improve upon for the future.

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