EDH Tournament

EDH Tournament

Kids NoGi (Submission Only)

Adults Gi & NoGi (Submission Only)

Wednesday, September 27th

A tournament experience is a three part process. The training to prepare, the experience of being in the moment, and the learning and reflection done after the experience. All three parts are essential. This tournament is an opportunity to experience competition in the controlled environment of our dojo. Each athlete will be coached during their match with medals and prizes to add to the fun and excitement of competition! We ask parents and family not to coach from the side. This helps the coach work with the athlete and allow learning moments  to take place before, during, and after the match.

Athletes will be grouped into brackets of 3 to 4 athletes by age, weight, and belt color.  Therefore, there is no assigned weight class, but you will need to make the weight you specified at registration while wearing your competition uniform. 

Pre Schedule:
– 4:20PM – (age 4-6) NoGi (1 round EBI OT rules)
– 5:15PM – (age7-9) NoGi (1 round EBI OT rules)
– 6:15PM – (age10-15) NoGi (1 round EBI OT rules)
– 7:15PM – (age 15+) Gi (Submission Only) & NoGi (Submission Only) EBI Overtime rules
Pre schedule may change slightly with number of participants

 Registration: free (no registration after Sept 25)