Pee Wee Jiu-Jitsu (age 4-6)

Class Time:

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Come in early to get your wiggles out. Doors open 10-15min before class.

The focus of the Pee Wee Jiu Jitsu class is to teach fundamental Jiu Jitsu movements through a fun and interactive play. Learning technique is based around learning how to move and interact with their peers.

Students in this class will learn about communicating with their peers and adults, having fun through movement, and technical positions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense.

As students mature both physically and cognitively we challenge them with a new skills every few weeks, while reviewing the skills they have learned in the previous classes. Students approaching the age of 7 with more than 6 months of experience have the option to move into the Kids Jiu Jitsu Class (age 6-9).

For more information call: 916.595.4064

BJJ Parent Guide: 

Jiu Jitsu requires complex motor skills and timing. Giving your child time to struggle and fail will give them the opportunity to learn and succeed!

Help us by:
- Always bring water to class.
- Practice tying the belt with your child.
- Refrain from coaching while as a parent, and instead join us as an assistant coach on the mat.
- Parent participation is strongly encouraged!
- Have fun with "child led play" of jiujitsu at home. 
- Reinforce the mat chats and lessons from class.