Toddler and Me Jiu Jitsu in El Dorado Hills

Toddler and Me Class

Today, at El Dorado Hills Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, was our first Toddler and Me class! The Theme today was “Introduction”, as it was new to all of us. Although it was the very first class of a brand new program, the class was great. I was very happy with the immediate parent participation and how the toddlers stayed engaged the entire class.

We had three parents and toddlers on the mat, and began by playing on the mats. The kids and even one of the parents challenged themselves by climbing the ropes. The class then went on to some mat exercises that the older kids and the adults do. The toddlers did great and loved practicing Break-Falls, and trying to retain the Mount position on their parents. There were games with the exercise ball and the ropes before we concluded the class. We had so much fun that the kids wanted to keep playing on the mat, and we let them until the Adult class started 20 minutes later.

In the classes to come there will be focused themes like: balance, rolling, partnership, hustle, etc., but for today I am pleased that everyone had fun… and played with some jiu-jitsu.

Coach Aaron

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