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Back to School: We emphasize communication

Jr Jiu Jitsu Class (age 10-16) We believe jiujitsu is a means of teaching communication. Not just with our bodies but with our words. A way to express who we are and what we are thinking as well as what we are feeling.

We emphasize the idea of communication starting with talking about greetings. How do you say “hello.” Every good interaction is easier when we start with a good greeting.

As students finish up their summer and head back to school, we stress the importance of good greetings in building friendships and good interactions at school.

Submission Pro Tour Sacramento Victory for Josh

Congratulation to Josh on his victory at the Submission Pro Tour event in Sacramento this last weekend. Josh spent a great deal of time preparing for this event, even with work and his volunteer activities he takes part in to serve the community.

The submission pro tour is an event that started in the sacramento area with the slogan technique or technicality. The event has served as an exciting ground for local bjj practitioners to compete under the submission only rule set with an EBI style overtime to settle the victory. Josh won in overtime when he defended the attack from the back and submitted his opponent with an armbar. Congrats

EDH Jiu Jitsu Belt Promotion in Teens Martial Arts Class

Slater from our Jr bjj class (age 10-16) moved from Hawaii to The Hills and brought a wave  of enthusiasm to our dojo. He is an avid competitor, teacher, and loves to make jokes. He is great with the younger students, helping them learn and better understand jiujitsu.

This summer, he grew in many was and has embraced the idea of training not only to train but to improve himself to be the best he can be. Congrats!

New Martial Arts Dojo in El Dorado Hills

Come visit our new Brazilian jiu jitsu and Self Defense Dojo in El Dorado Hills. Our martial arts school in el dorado hills is an inclusive school for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners of brazilian jiujitsu.

We offer classes in the Gi and NoGi for kids as young as age 4 and have students in their teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Our inclusivity allows for a training environment for men and women to train and better one another on and off the mat.

In addition to the art of brazilian jiu jitsu as a martial art, we focus on the competitive sport element of jiujitsu. As a sport jiujitsu is one of the most practical way to practice self defense under extreme stress and pressure. There is no other way to replicate self defense training like jiujitsu and maintain a safe training environment where people can come back and train again the next day or even twice, maybe three times in one day. This type of training is both technical, mental, and physical. Although beginners are gradually introduced to the concept of training with high intensity, they will eventually learn how to control their breathing, their mind, and use technique in combination with whatever strength they possess.

Our new location is in the business park in El Dorado Hills:

4669 Golden Foothill Parkway #208 El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Drop in for a trial lesson and learn the art of brazilian jiujitsu.

Father’s Day Gift Certificate

Get your Father the gift of training! EDH Jiu-Jitsu is a martial arts academy for the family. We specialize in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a martial art, sport, and self defense. We offer classes for kids and adults and welcome new and experienced learners to join us on the mat.

Father’s Day Gift Certificate

 Beginners to jiu-jitsu are welcome to start with our “ALL LEVELS” class in the 6am or mid-day classes or the evening “Fundamental” class, where basic movements, concepts, and techniques are taught and drilled. For questions email: edhbjj@gmail.com

Wim Hof Method Workshop with Reed Shelger: Breathing & Meditation

The wim hof method workshop led by personal trainer Reed Shelger at el dorado hills brazilian jiu jitsu was a great spark to better understand the science, theory and application of breath work, yoga and extreme cold to better the body on and off the mat.

There is an incredible sense of focus and deep degree of mindfulness that can be attained through the process of meditation and commonly talked about as the wim hof method.

EDH BJJ is a martial arts school for the community. We focus on technical training to develop the individual and team while talking about our community and ways we can better ourselves and the people surrounding us. Our community is El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville, Folsom, and in general the greater Sacramento area.

Purple Belt Promotion: Kenny

Purple belt promotion for Kenny.

Kenny has been doing jiujitsu for over two decades. In EDH he has been the person that practices perseverance, patience, and has always sought to understand jiujitsu as a art and expression of himself. He trains with the intent to help himself as well as his training partner improve. Kenny takes the challenges he is given as motivation to progress, improve, and better realize his weakness.

In his journey, he has trained at several different academies depending on his place of work and living, always loyal to his coaches and we are happy to have him in El Dorado Hills. He embraces the journey as an opportunity to better understand himself. Through this, his awareness for others in work, family, and life are exceptional. We appreciate the sense of dedication and commitment he brings to the mat.

Gold Medals at the Gentle Art Challenge in San Jose

Tanner and Jamie both won gold at the Gentle Art Challenge in San Jose. The Gentle Art Challenge was a submission only tournament with EBI-style overtime rules to decide the winner in the case the match regulation didn’t end with a submission.

Tanner and Jamie both won with submissions to decisively win their divisions at the tournament in San Jose.

The submission style tournament is one of the growing forms of competition styles in the sport. In the submission only tournament there is no points for advancement in position or attacks, but only when you submit your opponent with a viable attack are you declared the winner.

Leg Attacks! Workshop in El Dorado Hills

NoGi Jiu Jitsu // Submission Wrestling 🤼‍♂️ @jamieg.sharpshooter will be sharing the sharp details she’s acquired from her R&D // Research & Development // Refinement & Dedication // Routine & Discipline //

On May 5th and May 12th Jamie will be leading a class teaching the details of attacking and defending the ASHI GARAMI. The Ashi Garami, a Japanese phrase meaning leg entanglement, is a way to secure and control the entire body through a system of leg attacks. Jamie has been studying the position for a while and has developed a deadly system to dismember the leg from the ankle, calf, knee and connect it into other attacks.

In addition to the offensive system, Jamie will be teaching some safety tips on training with leg entanglements and tactfully defending against an opponent in attack.

The workshop will take place on Saturday May 5th and 12th during the 11am all level adult class.